Tuition and Policies


Weekly individual lessons         25 minutes        40 minutes         55 minutes

                                                               $41.00                   $52.00                  $63.00



Tuition may be paid in full at the beginning of the semester, or in installments.


-I teach children 3 to 19 years old, about 30 lessons per year.  

-I bill by semester.  The Fall is 11 or 12 lessons and the Spring is 18 or 19.

-The September bill will include a subscription fee to Noteflight online notation software (about $5) and a recital fee (about $20).

-The lesson schedule is posted on this website.

-There are occasional no-lesson day that are not also holidays. Please add these days with no lessons to your family calendars. Please don’t drop off your child without making sure it is a lesson day.

-All lessons scheduled must be paid for whether or not the student attends.

-If I cancel a lesson I will refund or credit the family’s account.

-If a student cancels an individual lesson because of illness, weather, religious holiday or family emergency, I will make up the lesson. Make up lessons are limited to 1 in the Fall and 2 in the Spring.

-I usually purchase books and will ask families to reimburse me on the day I hand out the book.  I always try to minimize cost with books, but I also feel it is important to get good editions.

-All students must have an acoustic or very good weighted key electric piano to practice on.  Please tune your piano 2 times a year.  Practicing on an out of tune piano is bad for a child’s developing ears.  For their developing technical skills, it is also important that the piano action be in good working order.  

  -All students need to have a three ring binder for their weekly assignment sheets and occasional photo copies.

-It is a good idea to have a piano bag with the assignment book and music books in it at all times.

-Grownups are welcome, but not required to attend their child’s lesson. Lessons go smoothly when the child's grownups save their questions or comments for the beginning or the end of the lesson time.

-Students are encouraged to come early or stay after their designated lesson time.